Books by Mark W. Bonnett
Messiah's Shard
Messiah's Shard
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John Harley never thought he'd be the one who'd have to save the universe. How can one little man from the world's most insular village be expected to save everyone and everything from a fate where they'd wish they were merely dead? The great evil is returning, and one soul must rise...


The Non-Random Dog
The Non-Random Dog
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There's something a little unusual about the newest passenger aboard the Diomedes, although that might be because she's a dog in a spacesuit. Join Captain Green, "Bulldog" Rymack and the rest of the crew as they race across two star systems, to uncover the secret of THE NON-RANDOM DOG!
The Abominable Moon
The Abominable Moon - coming soon!
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In the Azhretophis system, dark secrets lurk. But for the crew of the research ship Vigilant, the worst secrets, the ones that get people killed, might just be the ones they carry with them. Dare you journey to THE ABOMINABLE MOON?
Playing God In My Own Personal Universe

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