About Mark W. Bonnett



Mr BonMark W. Bonnett is a rapidly greying science fiction and fantasy author, hailing from the distressingly flat bit of Britain. He was born in the heady days of the late 70s.

Presumably his mum and dad took some part in the process, somehow.

Having written since he was a wee nipper, he embarked on his first published mega-project, the ongoing and growing Cynos Union series, a project that's both a love letter to, and a reimagining of, the space opera stories in which he absorbed himself while growing up. Throughout his whole life, Mark knew he wanted to write; he wanted to tell stories, to reach into people's heads, and let them experience the vastness and wonder of the universe in the same way that he experiences it. Armed only with a media degree he's never found a use for and a keyboard that he's convinced is becoming self-aware, his mission is to bring you all along into his huge, weird, and often twisted universe.

Mark often says that writing is like playing god in his own personal universe, albeit without any real responsibility over actual people.

He fervently believes this is probably for the best.

The Seeds of Inspiration

Inspired by the greats of science fiction history, by shape-changing robot toys, and by 80s rock/metal (and pretty much everything else from the 80s, for that matter), Mark W. Bonnett's mind never rests as it makes up tall tales still to come within The Cynos Union.

The Shape of Weasels To Come

A fan of the epic and the weird (also the weirdly epic and epically weird), Mark W. Bonnett lives in hope that one day he will have a space weasel for a mascot.

The requirements for the space weasel are that it is epic, and comes with 80s hair.

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